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More Steps…

The distribution of needs (and wants) via advance machine automation shall be based upon available resources. I believe that Jacque Fresco was the first to come up with that idea. Unfortunately, (I think) he believes that this money system has to first collapse. But there is absolutely NO way we could all deal with that unless we ALL are willing to work for free to maintain current infrastructure (water, sewer, food supplies, electrical, and internet, not to mention the million other industries that these depend on). On top of that, we would ALSO have to work (for free) to build the needed machine economy.

Perhaps “scarcity” IS needed until these machines are in place AND have a well worked out supporting infrastructure. In otherwords, we will HAVE to work within today’s money system, or perish due to financial collapse.
That means training “everyone” (including ourselves) to be able to achieve a series of objectives, each of which are seemingly insurmountable, in today’s society!

Following is “my” agenda:
1, Promote awareness that we ALL must agree on a “best fit plan”.

2, To ALL agree on the “best” form of clean energy and only concentrate on any source that can rival fossil fuels (the only 2 options that fit this criteria are solar and advanced, LFTR type nuclear). We can NOT continue to emit XS CO2 into the very air the biosphere depends on at this time.

3, Since, working within the money system is still mandatory at this stage, choose the solar option (and because of concerns about nuclear risks) so as to create (literally) hundreds of thousands of sq mi of global solar installation jobs. (We may have to make sure that whatever the collection medium is, it is made so it is not too dark in color, as we don’t want to much sunlight being converted into excess infrared!). This will help “continue” the workability of the money system up to a certain point in time where machines are (also) capable to complete the install process. This happens once trucks drive themselves and when human operated drilling machines etc, operate themselves. We must ALL also agree to dis-enable laws that prohibit necessary mining and resource extraction which is ESSENTIAL for the planning, development, and completion of the solar infrastructure. It is also essential for the building of molten salt and metals electricity storage facilities (which are basically giant pools of such placed in an environmentally safe and strategic manner!)

4, To ALL be reminded that machines will displace human jobs at an ever accelerating pace, and thus make null and void, the money system (which sustains human security) unless machine made profits are distributed BACK to the populations at large.

5, To ALL agree to distribute profits made from machine based suppliers to the people, equally, which is REQUIRED in order to give people the ability to implement the next steps. Some people call this “the basic income guarantee” or BIG.

6, To ALL continue to support research and development of the machinery AND infrastructure required to provide necessities according to environmentally sound resource extraction methods. Also to ALL agree on building cities which best accommodates the efficient machine distribution of resources. (They would be machine built highrise 3D structures with most infrastructure, including transportation built in). This would entail “digging” deep below the biosphere, into the crust for most of the raw ingredients. This, in turn, requires a re-writing of silly enviro laws against mining, etc at the get go, as we can NOT afford fashionable retorts and trivialism to squander our destiny, which is survival past basic needs and the conscious ability to want others to have the same.

7, Realize that at this stage of advanced machine automation, evolve a way to socially transition away from the archaic money system which was needed to build civilization up to this point. This can only happen when machines (and still some willingness to work for free) can distribute and maintain needed (and wanted) resources.

8, The sky is then the limit. There will no longer be a need to mine the Earth at all. Yet tens of billions of additional souls will be able to thrive without having to deal with today’s archaic traffic and political configurations.

ImageThe birth of new social systems…   …   …   …   …   …   …   Enable the space based race!

“Now” is NOT the time. We do NOT have the machines capable. We do NOT yet have the collective empathy (or wanting to understand from another’s point of view). We do NOT have the social skills to become de-polarized towards each and every “little” whim. Now is NOT the time to promote “getting rid of” the money system!

It appears like “baby steps”, therefore step 3 is the prescription for the solution to all of our problems. 100,000 square miles of global solar installation jobs will only offset the rapid advance of machine displacement. Of course, the collection media must be made by machine in order to be cheap enough to create all those extra human jobs. This gives humanity more time to collectively realize the very important next step, that of transitioning to equal resource distribution within, and then independent of, the money system.


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