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Archive for December, 2012

Steps to Clean Energy

The internet has polarized people to demand clean energy, even at the expense of cutting current energy supply. It is understandable that we “stop the pipeline” but it is also understandable why not to “stop the pipeline”. We need energy to keep the (growing) economy running and to invest in the new and clean(er) technologies. We must:

Identify the least expensive way to the safest and most abundant clean energy option.

Quickly, to those that hear a story suggesting that global warming is not real or is simply not happening because of humanity, I must ask you to learn why it warms the biosphere. Excess CO2 is a very real thing. CO2 is an infrared absorber. An infrared photon (which is heat in electromagnetic form) that would otherwise escape into outer space, will now be intercepted by that excess CO2 molecule, absorbed, and then re-emitted (in any direction). If there is more CO2 in the atmosphere, then there will be more infrared bouncing back to Earth (to melt the ice caps past natural levels and warm the oceans which cause greater strength of storms). Excess CO2 may actually be damaging the oceans in a process called ocean acidification. NOAA

This is why it’s not cool to mess with Mother Nature. I ask “why take a chance” 😉

We need to become polarized without all the hype.

Phase One: Agree on a Realistic Plan..

Phase Two: Promote Awareness

Phase Three: Implement the Plan.

Phase One is only partially (and very inconsistently) complete. Currently, most of us agree on different ways to implement clean energy. Some believe that conservation alone is good enough (nope, even though it is good to conserve!). Some believe that current solar technology is good enough (nope, still too expensive!). And some believe in magic (such as schemes that promise more energy output than what is available in the first place. These have to identified and flagged!). We must become part of a holistic and very large group of people who all agree to collaborate upon a BEST solution. We should already know that XSCO2 isn’t good. We all should know that fossil fuels are also finite, yet that there is most likely enough to dig up and burn to accelerate global warming past a safe level. We all should know which of the clean energy technologies are capable of entirely replacing fossil fuels, given the effort. And we should all know which are not quite capable, even at great expense. This means we need to all learn the energy densities and the potential of each option. In example, we should all know that not only is corn ethanol barely self sustaining (if that), but that it would take vast amounts of land (like on the order of fifteen times that of solar).

We can all agree that 2+2=4, just as “all” scientists agree on very complicated but proven theories. It is now time for the general public to become informed and agree upon self evident clean energy phenomena, because it will be the general public that has the potential to create the huge tide of intent necessary to implement a plan and action. Sure, there will be questionable attributes to the BEST clean energy path, but this is where a forum must be set up which, first discusses, then proves (by search and by mathematical conjecture) the attributes of each and every clean energy option available. For example, when a newbie says “corn ethanol is the best”, he would be directed to already posted attributes which has already been refined by facts and suggestion text. From there, that person would be welcomed to further explore, contribute AND thanked for being interested in the clean energy debate. After all, we all were newbies at one time or another!

All the various different attributes of each clean energy option must be listed. The Energy Returned On Energy Invested, current costs, resource availability, geographical availability, enviro detriment, and etc must be searched, proven and logged.

Machine automation is a key player in the future of any large scale renewable energy efforts. Therefore, entire lengths will be devoted to just that.


Image is from Adept

Most abundant clean energy options must contain a forum on how to automate with machines.

Considering nuclear, ONLY reactor designs that can not melt down are to be allowed on the table. The current fleet of LWR’s (and their kind) should be allowed to phase out through attrition due to their dangerous mix of water, fuels and heat (and inefficiency).

There will be many steps to each phase, such as that there should be more than one source for information regarding Phase One. Links to many other forums, such as Energy from Thorium must be available.

After Phase One is complete, we need to implement Phase Two, the actual awareness campaign. This is best done using experts in the field of viral marketing. A catchy slogan (or a constantly changing array of catchy slogans) may be used. Also, everybody will be instructed to post updates to their social media, call friends, and even organize “house parties”, etc. I believe there is never too much awareness (once the BEST option is found). I would personally like to pass out “business” cards, too.

I do not have the expertise to even suggest how to implement Phase Three, just that it is more probable after Phase One is complete.  Phase One can only be successful by fulfilling the following:

Identify the least expensive way to the safest and most abundant clean energy option.

Only then can actual business plans be written for all the various different steps of Phase Three, the implementation of the BEST plan. I would hope that by this time, the members of this collaboration (and others) would number into the millions and then incorporate and invest.

We must collaborate today to make clean energy cheap enough to implement tomorrow.

Thank you.


The Resource Based Economy

The coming age of machine exponentiation will usher in a wonderful world IF present social structures would allow.

I REALLY WISH Jacque Fresco’s plans for a Resource Based Economy would materialize… This is an idea where food, water, housing, transportation, information, entertainment and every other aspect of life is distributed based on the efficient extraction of ecologically sound available resources… rather than distributed based on the money system.

Everything would be free (and mass produced by machine).

However, I believe the transition simply can not take place unless we all become undivided (and seek this common goal).

Perhaps after the financial fall? Highly doubtful because after a “fall”, there will be many delays and thus decay in the very infrastructure, such as maintenance for all the pipes, lines, energy and food supplies… everything we depend on with multiple negative feedbacks with each successive broken link.
How will we convert over to the (much better) RBE when there’s no money to keep up the supply lines (and the internet)?

Besides, top leaders “know” where the fall will take us which, based on current trends, looks to be a global corporate controlled authoritarianism devoid of family rights, constitutional rights, etc… or worst (or maybe better if the leaders choose to have a heart). They will be the FIRST to receive any of the tech benefits such as implanted night vision, sight magnification, exoskeletons, 3d printers (for food, medicines and energy production) etc, etc. And they may come to the conclusion that “they are better than us” if (their) new fancy machines prove that they don’t need us anymore for profit.

The only way towards a RBE via (our) advanced machinery is if everyone is all of a sudden willing to work for free towards (and only for!) that common goal which includes being willing to work for free to keep up the common infrastructure (and maintain food and water supplies) until such time that a complete RBE is built, suitable to let go of “the old infrastructure” and its maintenance. Then people will still have to work for perfecting the science and the machinery.

Reality has it that we are mostly all divided… and even polarized… because of easy access to the internet… towards FAR too many important and trivial matters. Even though the resource based economy IS the best way and will solve ALL of “the” problems (and more), people will not realize or even want to realize this.
Therefore, there will be many people (like me) who have doubts based simply on this psychology.

Polls probably show that over half of the people still believe in politics… if their side is winning. There is hope only after “we all know” that NO side wins under politics as usual except for the profiteers (who do so at the expense of other people, and now, the biosphere).

Yet there is a very BIG stumbling block called personal property. Even “I” don’t want to give up my, uh well, (if I owned a house) my property! You see, there may have to be a “fall” in order to convince people to give up on million dollar homes and fancy cars and such. So, this fall will have to coordinated such that the infrastructure itself remains intact… if we are to transition within current social structures. Even the thought of this is cruel as it deprives people of their everyday expectations of the way they think they should live out their lives (so no planned sparingly economic collapses, please!).

How many of us would be willing to become a slave to the RBE than to the current system of financial worry, rush, liability, inefficiency, degradation, deprivation, and even children SEPARATED from rightful parents under false pretenses in exchange for that almighty dollar (yes, here in AMERICA, it happened WITHOUT WARNING to my children, their mother and I simply because of my “inconsistent alcoholic consumption!).

I haven’t given up all hope….There IS an incentive, if we are able to overcome the psychological barriers and what seems could be fierce opposition from party lines. Most people have empathy and would rather not see bad things happen to their neighbor despite being conditioned to believe that all the underlining aspects of anger are normal and natural, that government interference is helpful, even under extreme measures, and that they may have to take shortcuts in their occupations… just to compete and be able to continue to support their families in the wake of free trade, speaking of which, also appears to be an equal opportunity for other countries. Another requirement is that of enticing the wealthy and the elite to allow the RBE within the current monetary system. At first glance, this seems impossible, however, the coming age of machines will allow for such integration without the need for the wealthy to continue to profit from us

Again, I have not given up hope… Perhaps the RBE can be started elsewhere, too (like on an island), as a seed that grows exponentially…

(EDIT: about a day later);

Also, it may be possible to materialize through evolution of this money system…

It seems highly unlikely within this system to implement the RBE, however it will be IMPOSSIBLE to achieve the wonderful goal of a RBE without this system.

Because without this system, there will be almost NO way to communicate, eat, drink water, etc (unless already living off the grid on a farm).
Please read the following, especially the COMMENTS from “Curt” concerning a basic income guarantee (or BIG) which distributes (machine created) wealth to everyone. (It contains interesting dialog within its vast pages).
I’ve commented also, concerning the necessity of machine created clean energy and battery parts.
I believe that we must work within current systems (and the concept of the BIG) in order to create the machinery necessary to establish a RBE…
before the current INFRASTRUCTURE COLLAPSES (due to financial meltdown).
Please inform me if I am mistaken about this seemingly most obvious concern.
Thank you,
Robert Bernal, clean energy advocate