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Important Notice!

!!! Important notice about our future !!!

Clean energy is essential to sustain a growing planetary civilization. Energy is what fuels industry, food and water, entertainment, as well as hope and prosperity.

Widespread fossil fuels usage is causing global warming via the infrared absorption nature of CO2. Regardless, fossil fuels will not remain adequate to sustain civilization unless they are used to build the next energy infrastructure before they become depleted. Peak oil is based on the real numbers of accelerating use. Peak oil threatens to collapse civilization as we know it.

Wind and solar can not yet power civilization because we do not have the production facilities capable of making the 100,000 square miles of solar panel material, the millions of giant wind turbines, and the billions of batteries necessary. Yet, these are possible if mass produced in advanced robotic factories for pennies on the dollar.

Meanwhile, a decades old (and proven) technology is available which can provide more than enough electricity to power “everything” and a world full of electric cars. This technology is based on nuclear fission using molten fuels and coolants such as the Integrated Fast Reactor and the Liquid fluoride Thorium Reactor.

However, we can NOT base our future on conventional light water reactors (water cooled reactors or LWR)!
Water is not an ideal coolant. If the power goes out and if the emergency generators run out of fuel or are destroyed, the solid fuel will evaporate the water away or get so hot that the water turns into explosive hydrogen. Then the solid fuel gets so hot, it melts down and emits thousands of times the radioactivity in a containment that is no longer able to contain.

Worse yet is the necessity to keep water available to cool the many tons of (un)spent wastes! Other disadvantages include high pressure, very low efficiency and thus very long radioactive decay times for large amounts of (un)spent wastes. Water, heat, radioactive fuel and high pressures obviously do not make for passive safety. These also do not allow for the efficient conversion of more than just a few percent of the fuel into energy.

Therefore, the LWR can NOT power humanity past peak oil.

Even though, this dangerous type of nuclear reaction has been proven to be the safest source of energy. Yes, even safer than wind and solar! This is because more people die from falling from heights in the Renewable Energy field than who die from nuclear.

However, if just one serious lWR accident happens, its safety record could change for the worse.

Continued fossil fuel use is not the answer. Vastly more people die as a result of fossil fuel pollution than all other energy related fields combined.

The biosphere (which supports ALL LIFE) itself is at risk because excess CO2 will cause ocean acidification and melt the icecaps!

This is why we need to build nuclear reactors based on molten fuels. The IFR and the LFTR do not require high pressure, do not require water and they also convert the fuel into almost 100% energy. No meltdowns are possible and much less wastes are involved. In fact this is the ONLY technology that exists at this time which can power (a growing) humanity beyond fossil fueled depletion for over a thousand years.

Yes, molten fuel based reactors can power humanity for over a thousand years!

Energy is the basis of peace and prosperity, let’s make it clean and unlimited…

Please search and consider talking about IFR and/or LFTR nuclear to your friends. The future is counting on it!

fireofenergy, clean energy advocate.

This is the link to “The Integral Fast Reactor – Summary for Policy Makers”. It also contains quite interesting discussion by avid supporters of the liquid fluoride thorium reactor, including Kirk Sorensen. Check it out!


Comments on: "Important Notice!" (2)

  1. This is for those who don’t believe that global warming is a real concern…

    Funny you think it’s a fraud (GW). Actually, I’m inclined to believe that it is a TRUTH used by (whoever in power) to be used against us. Otherwise, we would be utilizing the power of advanced molten fuels fission reactors (as developed and proven decades ago). But there is no money in an energy source that only requires a few replacement parts (due to such high required temps, NO uranium enrichment, NO high pressures, NO explosive water needed for cooling and heat transfer as with the inherently UNsafe nuclear reactor typs we rely upon today, and thus no fear with which to CONTROL people with…).

    GW is true because , 1, the icecaps ARE melting faster than they accrue. 2, XSCO2 is, indeed, caused by humanity in EXACT proportion to what FF’s we extract, though, what we measure at Mauna Loa Observatory, Hawaii is only part of the picture since the rest of that XSCO2 that we don’t see is being absorbed by the oceans and WILL eventually cause such acidification, as evidenced by previous mass extinctions, if not dealt with.

    Search Oceanic Anoxic Events…

    The amount by which solar events are causing, such as whether or not martian icecaps are “still” melting, the 11 year max, must also be considered, but not used as “proof” against.

    GW is true because we all don’t want to do the right thing and promote the best, cleanest form of energy needed to power planetary civilizations… solar could do that, with the expense of about 1% of the land (and robotic parts and battery factories which MUST produce for pennies on the dollar). So I ask, which is easier, all those robotic factories (with hardly any profit, ya, not happening anywhere around here soon!) or the decades old advanced molten fuels nuclear (like LFTR or IFR) thing. Ok, neither of these are happening, thus, more (accelerating, as India and China proves) XSCO2 further causes global climatic confusion (due to melting icecaps de-stratifying normal cold weather patterns into making people experience MORE snowstorms, MORE hurricanes, More heatwaves, thus, more extreme weather events. Once the icecaps are gone.

    THEN the extreme enviros will have it… then there will be less snow, less extremes, and simply more hot, just as the precedings of the last OAE that caused massive dieoffs on the order of that armageddon “rock” 63 million years ago. True, XSCO2 has been part of a past that accompanied life… in the distant past where it HAD to be that way, as GOD would have it to evolve us from the dust from which we (may, unfortunately) return ourselves to… due to greed and and a distancing from collective physics understanding.

    Imagine a box 5 miles wide and 5 miles tall!

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