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If we extracted just 1/10th of 1% of the lithium in the oceans, we would have enough to build some 18 Billion Tesla (electric car) type batteries… (search “Karen Pease ocean lithium”)
If we used thorium in a molten salt reactor (which was proven back in the 1960’s at ORNL) we would have unlimited (almost) clean energy…
And if we used the same type of machines used to crank out the petro based vehicles to make the batteries we would be able to afford to save the biosphere from ourselves.
But the hardest thing to do is the collective action thing… because TV rules the world.
We are not quite ready to “stop growing”, even in the face of all the problems associated with it. Eventually, we will have to figure out how to live¬†sustainably, without any additional growth. Fossil fueled depletion into an overheated world need not apply, but is our only option if we continue with the capitalist (or any other “ism” based) social systems known today. However, we must continue hope for a new system to emerge that does not base resources on a bottom line achieved only by the cheapest wage countries, one that does not create inferior products made from (cheaper) non-environmentally conscious extraction methods, and one that does not have to impose rations on the global population due to its eventual folly.
This new system could be called “A machine economy based on the efficient extraction and distribution of resources devoid of profit”. At first, factories that use advanced machine automation create “things” that require installation jobs. Solar panels and batteries fit the bill. Since these things would be created for almost free, 24/7, installers fill the unemployment gap and industrialism begins anew in ALL parts of the world within current systems. As automation continues, everyone begins to receive “benefits” by virtue of their existence. Free water, free food, free housing… free entertainment and air! Actually, in a world where automation creates unemployment, these become OUR RIGHTS!
You see, if we can automate the infrastructure (and use electric cars, hydroponics, leds, etc, for more energy efficiency) we can do away with the notion of DIE OFFS due to economic collapse. People, instead go to work on coordination in order to, at first maintain and tech upgrade the infrastructure… for free (because, at some point in time, there will be no money due to the collapse of present economic systems) and then, to completely automate almost “everything else”. Machines build themselves, they build buildings out of, say, carbon graphine and machines make room for the environment too by relying on a newly created electrical infrastructure based upon natural gas, algae, solar, wind and batteries…
And, ultimately, by LFTR, the far better way to split the atom. Yes, it will take the awesome power of a type of reactor invented wholly fifty years ago to enable the steady state comprising upwards of 50 billion people without ration!
Only in this way can humanity fulfill the need to grow and at the same time, REDUCE degradation.

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