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Archive for May, 2012


Substance abuse prevention.

Undeniable rights.

Personal spending preferences.

Economical, energy and environmental awareness.

Regaining jobs by use of balanced trade tariffs on cheap wage countries.

We really have to address substance abuse, as this must be the leading cause of pain, suffering and in this case, partial illiteracy and scientific waning. The recognition of undeniable rights for all people must prevail in order to build positive social change across the globe. Personal spending choices are the best way to vote as moneys directed towards anti-local job interests and continued business as usual (BAU) rob western economies and may also keep less well to do geopolitical areas from ever achieving the means for their betterment. The three “E’s”, economic, energy, and environment, are bound together offering a glimpse into hell (for all nationsif not addressed. And the rebuilding of industrial might by enacting a balanced tariff on China, etc, would create needed jobs, thus an attainment of capital needed to meet the challenges of sustaining planetary civilization long enough to develop fusion power and space colonization for all geopolitical areas.

So that humanity can realize that God is not just another form or precessor of science and to learn the purpose of our existence…

This is the scratch pad for the SUPER plan. I hope for collaboration to build a foundation that correctly lists the actions needed to implement and strengthen each of these vital steps. I urge everyone to become involved, somehow, in one or more of these (or other) positive actions.


O.I.L. and so much less…

We have the tech (to make the machines) to make renewable energy cheap…
Just not the will to unite to better our economy and our environment.
Please join forces to promote machine made RE parts, anti price gouging on such parts, to block enviro and lobbying laws against large scale RE installation (jobs!), and to put tariffs on China so that our government can better support this most urgent of transitions (among other things).

If you do not believe that XSCO2 is, indeed a truth to be concerned about (and as is documented), then how about this… Eventually, we will deplete our fossil fuel reserves and thus our children won’t be able to afford to drive (unless they are financially very well to do). This would subsequently cause inflation in two ways: High energy costs are passed on to all other aspects of society, and thus more money would have to be printed for subsidization due to more people not being able to afford life’s necessities. Hyperinflation and complete societal breakdown could be the result.

And if you do not believe that oil will deplete past the average person’s ability to pay and do not believe in the dangers of XSCO2, there is still the very real economic disaster awaiting an America that refuses to build up its industrial prowess. This is why we MUST cry foul against all those politicians which allow American companies to hire “slave labor” overseas. They and their products must be taxed to the max and tariffed to at least some degree. Anything produced overseas usually does not create additional installation jobs. A few that do, however, are fence posts and solar panels. Perhaps, the tariffs should be reduced for such jobs creating items!

If YOU are too busy to speak up, then America and other free nations will lose independence, the oceans really will absorb XSCO2, become acidic, then anoxic (and we won’t have the financial capability to do anything about it), then the air will begin to reek of hydrogen sulfide, just as in the dieoffs, geologic eons ago, that converted XSCO2 into our present store of fossil fuels…

These are the most urgent matters, even more than party sided issues (and beer!).

Our country has been torn apart by business interests that seek to conglomerate their trade routes by psychological divide and conquer tactics.

So has our future, the grand vision of unlimited clean energy, of clean battery electric transportation within multilevel 3-d cities made out of carbon graphine, of space exploration, its resource exploitation and finally, colonization…

Our current global political system has robbed us of of the hope to prosper indefinitely .

I believe the solution is to reduce spending money on the items the big corporations make in exchange for products made within borders, to block any laws that create more “big brother” (other than for children’s safety) and to just speak out about these issues (and above solutions) all the time.

Thanks for considering.