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Considering Options…

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We’ve all heard about global warming and peak oil, but what solutions are being implemented?

Efficiency and conservation is half the solution…

And clean energy is the UNLIMITED solution!

There are many technological proven options, including but not limited to concentrated PV, concentrated solar thermal, conventional solar panels, wind (and ocean wind) power,  advanced geothermal and even advanced nuclear (such as LFTR) which is much less dangerous and that creates much less wastes. Each of these solutions can effectively power all the world’s people all by themselves if coupled with the proper storage systems like pumped hydro, kinetic, and batteries.

Clean electric vehicles can be powered for about 2,000 cycles using the LiFePO4 battery which is much better than ordinary li-ion due to vastly improved thermal issues (they don’t catch fire when severely over or under discharged).

I ask you to please consider what happens to the entire western world when the COSTS of oil extraction not only emits XSCO2, but impedes the actual flow of goods (such as food and water).

I hereby present a place to “do the math” and prove whether or not certain clean energy concepts are indeed viable on a costs, societal and sustaining basis. Please post your thoughts as to the best ways to not only generate clean energy, but also the best ways to conserve… After all, efficiency and conservation IS part of the solution too.


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  1. Actually, if you want to do the math, go to Tom Murphy’s site. He’s a real scientist who works with telescopes and lasers… and lunar ranging! He explains the pit falls of continued growth in a confined universe and what happens to Earth, even when we use entirely clean energy after exponential growth.
    He is working on individual conservation too…

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